Hi Ivy,

I can tell you that I'm thankful for you every day. I decided that I wanted to train with a woman because of all of my health issues and age. I feel like I hit the jackpot b/c I not only had a female, but someone who has a vast knowledge about nutrition and exercise that I benefit from as a bonus! Your outlook on life is so positive and your perspective helps me to not only motivate me but to help me stay on track with the discipline to keep working. I'm so pleased at the progress I've made, and you make every session fun. When I came to you I was hyper focused on what my bathroom scale said. Now, I use that as only one tool to measure my physical health and for that I am extremely thankful. I really love your whimsical humor and your energy (especially when you dance to the music, or do the exercise with me). I love to be happy and your joy for life is infectious. 

Thanks, Ivy, for all you've done for me!!!!

Daphne B.

I've been training at Transform 180 with a variety of trainers since the summer of 2015 with a short break last spring/summer.  All of the trainers have been excellent.  I started training with Ivy on a weekly basis since September 2016 and have nothing but great things to say about her!  My weekly session with Ivy is one of the highlights of my week.  On a practical level, she is always on time, has a work out planned that is challenging and appropriate for my fitness level, and can always accommodate changes in my crazy schedule if needed.  But, that's just the tip of the iceberg.  First and foremost, I have FUN at my work outs.  Ivy motivates me to try hard even if I think there's something I can't do, she makes sure I don't wimp out at the end of my sets while being sure I'm safe, and always knows how to add challenge and variety each week.  I have watched my fitness level transform completely since I started with her and am more confident and happy with my life in general.  I could not be more pleased with her guidance and direction and I hope to continue to train with her for a long time to come!

Rui Z.

I have been working out in Transform 180 around half a year now. My trainer Ivy, and other trainers, do an excellent job on scheduling the activities to help me get stronger. I feel motivated and see great results so far. And I think it is a great place for people like me, who never worked out before, to get started.

Nima J.

It is almost two months that I have started working out in Transform 180 Training. It is a very friendly place. My plan was to be more healthier and to build more muscle. The first day was more like an introduction day where you are pushed to your limits and your abilities are examined. From then on, I kept going to this place at least twice a week. For me workouts include squats,  dead lifts, olympic lifts, bench presses, and most importantly core exercises. I have gained almost 10 pounds and have built muscles on my legs. I have mostly worked with Ivy (an awesome girl) but I can tell you that everyone there also seem to be knowledgable. 

I would totally recommend Transform 180 Training to my friends. I wish I could have found them 15 years ago.