Caileigh A.

I've trained with Adnan twice weekly since September and I've found the investment is well worth it to train with experts that continue to challenge me and keep me accountable. With wellness, these are areas where I can't always rely on myself. Each week, we have a pull day and a press day, which dictate what exercises we focus on. Combining cardio and strength, we also have supersets (strength circuits) and ab exercises that exhaust me. Despite how hard they are and how much I want to whine through every superset ever, truth be told, I like witnessing my progress when we repeat a set a few weeks later.

Philip W.

I've been training at Transform 180 about three times a week since November. Adnan is my usual trainer, but I've also worked with Nate, Charith, and Jennine while Adnan was out with a broken collarbone.

To me there are a couple reasons to work with a trainer rather than just going to the gym myself. The first reason is that I don't have the knowledge and experience necessary to design a workout routine that fits my fitness goals. The trainers at Transform 180 definitely have the know-how and the passion to develop an exercise routine for me and my particular needs and limitations. Adnan in particular has done a good job of designing a sustainable program for me.

The other reason is for the extra motivation. Let's face it, despite my best intentions, I'm not always going to hit the gym just by myself. Having regular appointments with a trainer keeps me accountable, and once I'm there, my trainer always pushes me harder than I would push myself.

As for results, I've lost a fair amount of weight, I've gained a fair amount of practical strength (carrying 50 pounds of dog food is no longer tiring!), and my arms and legs are even developing a fair amount of visible muscle definition. My fitness goals are pretty long-term, but I'm definitely well on my way to changing from a weak, fat guy to having a stronger and healthier physique.

Noori A.

Transform 180 is fantastic. I can see a sizable difference in my strength and physical appearance after only four months of twice-weekly sessions. 

Adnan is a great trainer and seems to truly care about helping his clients achieve their maximum potential. For example, I was having serious trouble with squats (a staple exercise in the weightlifting world). No matter what I did, I had pain in my knees, but didn't know why. Adnan researched, found the root cause (apparently flat feet aren't ideal for squats, who knew?), and created a detailed stretch routine that has significantly reduced knee pain during my workouts. Furthermore, he has tailored each training session around this issue in order to mitigate injuries.  

I'm really happy with this place and recommend it to anyone looking to train with some great folks.

Ajay A.

I've enjoyed working out at Transform 180 with Adnan and have seen a definite improvement in my overall fitness and strength levels. If you are looking for quick and easy results or fancy machines, then this is probably not the place. However, if you want to learn proper barbell movements and develop a fitness routine, I can't think of a better place. The trainers here are very knowledgeable and dedicated to see people improve.

Neil D.

I was referred to Transform 180 by a friend who been with them for while, and couldn't say enough good things about them. Now I know why :)

I have been working with Adnan for over two months now, and he's great! I started with little history of exercise and I was recovering from a shoulder injury to boot. I see gains in strength and my injured shoulder keeps getting better. Adnan is very professional and friendly, and he calibrates well to his clients' needs. He knows when to push you and when to pull back. To add to this he is always upbeat, attentive and has a good work ethic (On several occasions, he has waited back to finish up what we were working when I was the last client of the day)

To be honest, I have never enjoyed going to gym in the past, but now I really look forward to hitting the gym at the end of a long day. It's a great way to unwind, and you don't have to think when Adnan is training you :)

The gym has a strongly positive vibe, and Adnan / Charith seem to understand and appreciate that most people have a busy life outside of gym which probably leaves little time for fitness. They seem to genuinely want to help and make your life easier while also letting you hit your fitness goals.

Overall, I am very pleased with Transform 180, and would recommend it highly.

Surya G.

I highly recommend Adnan and Transform 180. I have been training with Adnan for 2 months now. He's very professional and makes me feel welcome. I appreciate the way the sessions are planned and every minute of my time is used effectively. 

I have not tried strength training before but now there is no going back. I am kind of person who has to trick myself into working out.I never thought I would enjoy working out but these sessions though tough shows results. I am getting stronger and am more energetic. I look forward to my hour long sessions and it helps a lot in dealing with stress and by the end of it I am more focused.

Phai V.

Adnan is amazing. It's almost a month since I joined Transform 180 and I'm already seeing results. I've trained with Adnan from the very first day. He is positive and always makes me feel welcome. He is very professional. He's always on time, doesn't waste any of my time during our sessions and every minute is put to use. He has everything plan out for our sessions, I just show up. I really appreciate it.   

I have always avoided the gym due to fear and judgement of others but I did not sense any of that here. My first day was rough. I was so out of shape. During my assessment I vomit not just once but three times. At one point I was looking for a window in the bathroom to sneak out of but unfortunately there are no windows in the bathroom. There was no judgement from Adnan at all. He kept on encouraging me and reassuring me that this is okay. 

I almost did not come  back the next day but I'm so happy I did. I enjoy and actually look forward to going to the gym for my sessions. My body is getting stronger and I have never felt better. I highly recommend Adnan and transform 180.