Train the brain

Today, more than ever, the interest in physical fitness is growing. Between the internet and social media it is hard to miss the latest and greatest technology or fitness tool that will help you achieve your fitness goal. The main components of physical fitness are simple and sometimes it is easy to take simple concepts and try to individualize them so much that confusion and sub par results can occur.

In this day of "on demand" society we are often seeking the ultimate life hack. From my personal experience, and myself being guilty as well, one of the most underrated or underdeveloped skills is the ability to move beyond your current comfort zone. One of the least trained aspects of physical fitness is the mind! I am speaking nothing new but rather a gentle encouragement that growth comes on the other side of adversity. I'm not talking about hurting yourself or training till you feel you are going to die. I'm talking about little decisions like parking at the end of the parking lot and walking into work, taking a flight of stairs instead of an escalator, or ordering that burger but choosing not to have fries.

Obviously this is information that we all know, it's simple but sometimes simple is hard!

Check out these links below on some awesome examples of how far your brain can take you !

-Blake Bender, Certified Personal Trainer at Transform 180