Want Better Results? Hire a Personal Trainer


When you want to improve your finances, you meet with a financial advisor. Not feeling well? You go to a doctor. If you want to see better results at the gym, you need to hire an expert certified personal trainer. Personal trainers have spent years learning how to improve the human body through fitness and nutrition, so they’ll customize a fitness plan that’s unique to you to help you reach your goals.


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1.     Reduce the Chance of Injury

Personal trainers show you the right form and give you the correct weight on each exercise. They take your limitations into consideration when creating your work outs and will modify exercises due to an injury, whether or not you’re a beginner, or even for a pregnancy.


2.     Get the Push You Need

Personal trainers will give you just the push you need to give it your all at the gym and set yourself up for success throughout the rest of the day. They’ll be the motivation to keep you going strong throughout your workout and help you finish that last set.


3.     Keep You Accountable

How many times have you made an excuse not to go to the gym? You had a bad day, it’s too rainy, your co-worker wants to go to happy hour... We’ve heard them all! If your personal trainer is expecting you, you’ll be less likely to skip your workout at the risk of letting them down.


4.     Put Your Goals Within Reach

A personal trainer can help you identify your goals and make them more realistic and attainable. Maybe you want to enter fitness competition, or excel in your sport, or even just get in shape for your upcoming wedding, a personal trainer will help create a timeline and a game plan to get the best results.


If you’re in the Belltown, Queen Anne, and South Lake Union neighborhoods, stop into Transform 180 to get information on our small group training classes and meet our expert personal trainers. To give your health and wellness program an extra boost, we also have Seattle’s best certified nutritionists and certified massage therapists. Get started today!