Build that muscle, ladies!

As a woman there are many times that I have been told that lifting weights will make me look manly. However, I am here to politely disagree.

Not only does proper weightliting help with osteoporosis prevention, posture correction, and increases flexibility; it also changes body composition and creates that "toned" look that we are all told about. In order to have defined arms, for example, one must build muscle and lose fat.

There are times where the number on the scale may not change but you could lose inches in certain places and that can have a lot to do with muscle growth. A pound of fat looks a lot larger than a pound of muscle.

Not only that, you can also start to feel pretty badass when the weights get heavier!

So don't be afraid if we tell you to lift some heavy weights, I promise it will be beneficial.


-Rena Bartlett, Transform 180 Trainer