How do I find the motivation?

This is the number one question that I get from clients. "How do I find the motivation to complete all of my workouts and keep my diet on track?" I learned the answer to this question at the start of my own fitness journey. It is not about motivation, it is about discipline. Motivation is unreliable. It comes and goes just like the sunshine here in Seattle. Motivation really helps to get the ball rolling, but it won't get you to the finish line. There will be times when you have no motivation to workout or stick to your meal plan. As humans, there are many outstanding factors that could influence us in negative ways, and we will use those as excuses not to get our workout done. "I'm tired", "I'm too stressed out", "I had a rough day", "I have too much to do", just to name a few that I have personally used.

So what do we do when there is no motivation to be found? Cue discipline, the superhero trait of all superhero traits, saving fitness journeys from crashing and burning since the beginning of time! Right from your very first workout, you must begin to instill the discipline within yourself to get your workouts done and eat right. As this discipline grows, it is what will help you succeed and smash all of your goals. Like a fine wine, it is what will get you through the tough times.

How do you initiate discipline? It's easy! Think about what you are doing in a logical way. For example: I am going to the gym for 55 minutes. That is not even an hour of my day. I watch Netflix for longer than that. I can do this! or It only takes 10 minutes to boil water and steam veggies. It would take me longer than that to go eat out somewhere. 

We don't complete workouts or cook meals because we build those tasks up to seem more difficult than they are. When you get stuck, remember this: think logically, you will always feel better after a good workout and healthy meal, don't rely on motivation 24/7 - rely on yourself and your own discipline. Be your own superhero! 


-Shawna Holt, Certified Trainer & Operations Manager at Transform 180 Training