The mental & physical confidence we gain through exercise spills over to other areas in our lives. At Transform 180, our mission is to help everyday people achieve their health & fitness goals; so they can build and grow their freedom of movement, confidence and positive state of mind to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.
— Transform 180 Training

Below are the values we have worked hard to establish over the past 5 years. Our infrastructure is solidly in place, and it helps us ensure that we bring people into the culture of our company who are in alignment with our core values. 

  • Integrity & Honesty. We believe that transparency and sincerity build trust. We believe in having strong moral principles based on honesty, and following those principles religiously. 

  • Gratitude. We’re a company of gratitude. We’re grateful to our amazing clients. We’re grateful to each other. We’re grateful to our relationships, and for the opportunities we have.

  • Professionalism. We’re a team of educated, experienced professionals; not amateurs. We understand that it’s not just what you know – it’s how you do your job, how you dress, behave, and how you come across as you interact with others that builds our reputation.

  • Competence. We are a competent team. This means:
    1. We possess the essential skills and abilities to accomplish the work.
    2. We have a strong desire to contribute to the growth of the company (because we believe in the company vision).

  • Cooperation. We value teamwork. We work together, we win together, and we waddle together. We cooperate.

  • Freedom. We believe in freedom—not only for the company but also in our personal lives. We support and help our team members to become free—financially, physically, and mentally.

  • Helping our community. There are a lot of human needs. The most important is to live, love, learn, and matter. We want to give back and make a difference.

  • Independence. We believe in being accountable for our own destiny. We’re not big believers in grants and handouts. We take accountability for our own destiny.

  • Leadership. Leadership can be lonely, but we have the courage to stand out in the cold if need be to do the right things, even if those things are not popular.

  • Responsibility and accountability. We have an attitude of “I’ll do it!”. We don’t say, “I’ll try to get around to it”; we just do it. Not only do we do it, we take accountability for what happens—good or bad.

  • Culturally sensitive. We embrace the people and places of the world. We value diversity. We work on a daily basis with a wide variety of ethnic and religious groups, without bias.