Nova, S.

I decided to join 180 to learn more about working out and how to do them the correct way. Typically when I used to go to the gym, I’d use weight machines and not see or feel results, and overall didn’t have much athletic experience. However, after joining 180 I’ve learned so much and saw results after the first couple months. I’ve been working with Matt who’s super understanding, supportive and genuinely cares about my progress. I love learning about the technical aspects of working out and being pushed to my limits, and surprising myself at what I can now do compared to before. I definitely have much more confidence in working out. I would highly recommend 180 to anyone.

Sara, H.

I recently moved from CLT to SEA in December 2016. Because of the transition, I lost my motivation and habit of working out so I thought I would try Transform 180 to get comfortable working out again daily. I can honestly say this is an amazing company full of passionate, talented and kind individuals who really care about their clients and want you to succeed. I train with Matt who is great and has given me back my confidence and helped me reach results I did not dream were possible. I am in love with Transform and all it has to offer. It is great for all types of people and different goals. If you are wanting to increase your health, fitness, or want a challenge, I recommend you come in! No matter what they can find the perfect schedule and trainer for you :)

Hasan H.

I've been hitting Transform 180 gym about for 2 months now. I mostly worked with Matt twice a week. I strongly recommend working with him.

Since college (in the last 10 years ago), I did not have an active lifestyle. Because I focused at work, working out or even being active was not a priority for me. And after gaining extra 60 lbs in the last 5 years, I started to see my health deteriorating. And I decided to take an action.

At first, I tried to go to the gym my self.  But every time I tried that, I experienced lower back pain or pain in my my ankles or my feet.  After the fourth trial, I realized that I need help. So I decided to work with a trainer.  After reading the feedback about Transform 180, I decided to give a try with these guys.

With a couple of basic/diagnostic workout sessions, Matt identified all of my problems developed overtime due to excessive sitting at work, being overweight and just not being active.  I had almost flat feet and problem with ankle and back mobility and more than one posture problem. Matt walked me through a list of basic exercises that I should do on a daily basis (at the gym and outside) so that I can work on those issues in the long run.  In the meantime, we focused on specific mobility issues that prevented me from doing squat and deadlift with the right form.  In less than a month, I developed the mobility to do these exercises. And Matt focused on improving core muscles in the meantime.  Now, my weight loss started (5 lbs each month).  Now looking back, I realize that I was having pain when I was working on my own, because I did not have the right form and my core was not strong.

I think anybody working in a (especially stressful) desk job more than a couple of years would have the same/similar issues I had.  I strongly recommend these folks to start working with a trainer (preferably Matt). You will soon realize how bad your posture was and figure out how you can fix your posture and other issues.  So that you can achieve the active lifestyle you deserve. I think it is a great investment with excellent returns.  I am planning to work with Matt until when I feel comfortable to work out on my own. Even after that I am planning to work with him occasionally, so that I know I am on the right track.