Ankit K.

I joined transform 180 after moving into Seattle. I had been working out for last 1.5 years when I joined transform 180. I thought I know adequate about weight lifting and workouts that I could just continue to do it all on my own but transform 180 taught me so much. I worked out three times a week with Julian who is super talented when it comes to designing workout routines for your needs. I told him that I need to put muscle mass on, from that point he took care of everything - workout plans, diets and mental coaching which is the most important aspect of weight lifting. 
I would highly recommend transform 180 to anyone who wants to take control of his/her fitness.

Zichao D.

I have been training at Transform 180 Training for 5 months. I will highly recommend you Transform 180 Training, especially my trainer Julian, also other trainers. 
They are awesome, very patient, positive, and professional.

David C.

I've been training at Transform 180 for a year now and I have to say it's a unique place that combines top of the line expertise along with a friendly, almost family-like setting. I've been working out with Julian - his knowledge and attention are amazing - I highly recommend working out with him. The overall space is great, facilities are nice but most importantly the vibe is something you can't find anywhere. If you want to achieve your fitness goals I highly suggest you check out this place.

 JieWen M.

I have been training with Julian for a few months. He is a good, fun and experienced trainer. I have gained muscles and lost weight since then. I highly recommend Julian! You will get good results.

Sweet S.

After 2 cervical spine accidents in the past 6 years and endless physical therapy, Transform 180 is just what I needed to get back kicking. This place is airy, clean, well organized and spacious. All the trainers are very friendly and do not intimidate like other body building gyms. These guys are really invested. They are expanding to add an endurance room and smoothie bar by Feb 2017.

As a yoga teacher specializing in rehab and therapy for clients in 1:1 setting, I appreciate the 1:1 attention with my personal trainer Julian Martinez. I have been working with him since Oct 2016. I like working with him because he knows how to push me and at the same time work around my injury. 

After years of physical and yoga therapy, I was struggling to gain strength in my upper body. He capitalized on my strength as a yoga instructor to build focus and energy into my weak areas. Honestly, working with him has improved my yoga practice.  

Apart from big picture goals such as staying fit and lean, we have created short term goals that we track and work towards every month. For example - this month, we are working towards kicking into a handstand, something I have not been able to do since 2011. 
I will post a pic with an update at the end of the month:)