Evgeny G.

I've been working with Devon. I appreciate his sense of humor and combination of being pushing one day and patient another day. What I value is that Devon is able to explain what and how we are doing in technical/medical terms.

I definitely recommend him to my friends.

Andrew, A.

My experience with Transform 180 couldn't have been better. I began training sessions with Devon 3 months ago, and my experience has been spectacular. The 1:1 classes give me a regular routine to keep me coming back, and Devon's coaching has allowed me to pick up a new fitness regimen safely. I look forward to each session, but they also push my limits and I'm seeing an impact as a result. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that's considering training here!

Michaela A.

I've been going to Transform 180 since October 2016 and it's been great for me. I work with Jennine twice a week and once a week with Devon. Both of them are absolutely amazing trainers to work with. They are both very knowledgable and they constantly challenge me, but I never feel pressured or intimidated. Since training with them, my Olympic Lifts have improved 100%, I feel a lot more comfortable with the other lifts, and I've been closer than ever to reaching my goals. Not only that, but the entire gym has a very chill vibe to it which makes it easy to relax and focus on your lifts. All of the trainers there are welcoming and you can easily chat with any of them. If you can afford to go here, I would definitely recommend trying it out.

Sowmya J.

I discovered Transform 180 via a Groupon. I have never worked out in a gym before this.  These 6months have been one hell of a learning experience. I've been training with Devon for more than 6months now. I see a lot of improvements in both my strength and stability. He makes workout a lot of fun! he is the best!

Evelyn R.

Transform 180 does a good job of keeping track of my progress from each day and teaching me many new exercises.