Bhavesh R.

The thing about working with Blake is; he is fun, he makes you understand each exercise; and he is very adaptive. We started off light, and he made me do some core muscle exercises and then some high intensity cardio. What I liked about his exercises was that he took things that looked super simple; and when you actually got down to doing it, you realized how intense it was. Never once with Blake I felt overwhelmed. Challenged yes, but never pain. His workouts were innovative (i don't remember repeating stuff); and I could see progress right away. he primarily focussed on my form (I initially felt back pain with dead-lifts and all, and he immediately stopped & changed it up); and helped me increase my stamina by focussing on breathing. 

And the workouts had impact as well. Apart from the numbers (losing weight & inches); I felt so much better after each workout. There were some days that I was super tired before the workout; and I thought today's workout will kill me; but I felt so much better after the workout. During the workout; if I started stiffing up, or feeling some sort of a pain; he would immediately change up the workout so that we can work around & stretch it out completely. They also give you a meal plan & help you work on your diet & separate workout plan on your own. 

I trained for about 2 months with Blake & Transform 180 before i had to leave Seattle. While I am disappointed that I can't continue with Blake; I have personally changed my approach to workouts & now go regularly. I am now interested in seeing how I can increase (the time for a workout, or weight being lifted) each time I workout; and given the emphasis on form & how to correct it; I am confident & comfortable that I can avoid injuring myself. 

I would definitely recommend Blake! If you are interested; but still doubtful or hesitant, go talk to them(Charith/Blake), try the groupon rate or something. Once you finish a couple of sessions; you'll notice that it is totally worth it. After all,it's for you; and you will be the only one that gets something out of it.