We specialize in all levels of health and fitness, from beginners to experienced athletes who need sport specific training.

  JULIAN MARTINEZ    Personal Trainer/General Manager   B.S in Business Management   NASM  NASM-PES  NFPT   CPR/AED/First aid


Personal Trainer/General Manager
B.S in Business Management

CPR/AED/First aid

Julian started his personal training career September 1, 2013 in Reno, Nevada while completing his bachelor’s degree in Business Management.  His passion for the fitness industry started in high school after he was asked to compete in his high school’s weight lifting competition.  After competing and taking first place, he knew that this industry would always be a part of his life.  Julian has seen his body perform at a level that he never knew possible, and wants others to witness the same experience.   He believes in helping people reach their body’s full potential through proper physical training.  

Julian enjoys being outside and likes to be as active as possible.  He spends his free time reading, working out/running, and playing in sport leagues.  He continues to expand his knowledge on personal training through books and personal experiences.  Julian has worked with a variety of different clients and has a very motivating approach towards helping them reach their goals.  Julian said, “If you can get through the gym doors, you just completed the hardest part”.   

“Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion” - Michael Jordan 

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  ROD REDONDO    Personal Trainer                                  B.S. Exercise Science & Sports Studies AFAA Primary Certification Group Ex NSCA-CPT NASM-CPT                       CPPS Certified Physical Preparation Specialist


Personal Trainer                                
B.S. Exercise Science & Sports Studies
AFAA Primary Certification Group Ex
CPPS Certified Physical Preparation Specialist

Rod Redondo began his personal training career in 1999. He got an early start as a part-time intern for Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Health and Wellness - private instruction and small group training were key roles early on. On the weekends he worked as a certified personal trainer for Bally Total Fitness - all while attending Rutgers University full-time. After graduating in 2002 and receiving a BS in Exercise Science and Sports Studies Rod continued his fitness path alongside J&J as a Health Fitness Specialist. 

No longer was it a priority to train clients to just 'look good' - the focus was improving quality of life. Personal training sessions evolved from "bodybuilding" type exercises and into functional movements and core conditioning. Instructing mobility/flexibility classes and bodyweight-based workouts also played a pivotal role to enhance employee wellness. 

Two years later Rod knew it was time for a change and moved his Jersey roots to start over in Hawaii. He was quickly hired at 24 Hour Fitness in Hawaii Kai and within a couple years became the 24 Hour Fitness Manager on Waikiki Beach. By 2007 Rod had moved onward from the corporate fitness structure and officially began his own strength & conditioning services under the name Redondo's Training - a fitness experience based on the principles of progressive strength training with an emphasis on movement quality. 

Transforming his garage into a gym and taking advantage of the beaches he was soon instructing boot-camps on a weekly basis and finding a passion for small group instruction. By 2009 it was time for a change and moved to Seattle WA. After two years as a full-time trainer with LA Fitness in Ballard and several private fitness studios later we fast forward to today and Rod is still as passionate about fitness as he ever was...

"Having the opportunity to train alongside a team of like-minded coaches makes Transform 180 feel like the most 'results oriented' training atmosphere I've ever felt. And when it comes to your fitness just keep it simple - eat smart, train consistently and always make time to get outside and experience the adventure of life."

In addition to being a Transform 180 strength coach, Rod has a deep passion for the outdoors and loves to snowboard, go backpacking, and spend as much time as he can among family & friends.

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  COLIN CLEVELAND    Personal Trainer  ACE, CPR/First Aid Card


Personal Trainer
ACE, CPR/First Aid Card

Born in the greater Seattle area, Colin was raised to live a very active lifestyle. Growing up with two brothers, competition became his first nature. He started off playing baseball and skiing at a young age. As soon as he got to junior high, opportunities to play new sports opened up his eyes to new ways of competition. Each quarter he was able to try out a new sport, joining the school tennis, football, wrestling, and baseball teams.

When high school was over, he was looking for new ways of competing. He found a mixed martial arts gym and started training in the arts of Boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu. After training for five months he decided to try out his newly learned skills in a submission wrestling tournament, winning first place in his division. From that point on he was hooked, competing in every tournament he could find, as well as in an MMA match. A new opportunity rose for Colin and he was offered a job as the head MMA and Jiu Jitsu coach at the gym he was training at and he gladly accepted the position. Training people of all skill levels and bringing the team to tournaments all around the Seattle area, Colin really loved seeing how each of his students was incredibly happy over how they have progressed throughout their time training with him.

From then on, he wanted to find a way to further extend his passion in fitness. He decided to go to school at Lake Washington Institute of Technology to learn about the field of Personal Training. After becoming certified, he quickly found a job in the fitness industry and has greatly enjoyed every moment of changing lives through fitness.

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 Adnan Mujic  NSCA  CPR/AED/First Aid

Adnan Mujic

CPR/AED/First Aid

Adnan became invested in this profession to make a direct impact on people's lives. In the past he has worked at multiple gyms in the Seattle area has been exposed to many ways of training. At transform 180 he continues to immerse himself in the science of strength training and conditioning and the methods behind human performance training.

He enjoys working with those who not only want to look better but who also want to be a better version of themselves. At a very young age he saw the importance of physical activity and was fascinated by what made elite athletes perform at a high level. He has worked with people of all ages and body types and his programs are customized based on each individuals needs and abilities. Giving people a positive outlet to relieve stress while reaching their fitness goals is his main purpose with personal training.

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 Robert Wood  M.S. Nutrition NSCA-CSCS Original Strength Level II Washington Certified Nutritionist First Aid/CPR/AED

Robert Wood

M.S. Nutrition
Original Strength Level II
Washington Certified Nutritionist
First Aid/CPR/AED

At 26 I started attending martial arts classes. I quickly started to see progress in both physically and mentally. Having movement in one facet of my life helped me break out of my rut. Since then, I’ve obtained my Master’s in Clinical Nutrition and studied under mentors in both fitness and nutrition. Through it all the ideology has remained consistent, optimal and effective movement paired with good coaching and safe form.


We should be able to move without pain. To that end, working with me will involve assessments and a specific plan for you. No two people are formed in exactly the same way and each has their own needs. We will find your starting point and grow from there. Being strong isn’t just how how much you can lift, it’s how well you can move. By making you injury resistant, and constant improvement through diet and exercise, we can keep you moving well into old age.

  Nate McMillan         Personal Trainer                                    B.S. Exercise Science ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer CPR/First Aid   

Nate McMillan   

Personal Trainer                                  
B.S. Exercise Science
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
CPR/First Aid


Nate developed a passion for fitness after he was hit by a car at the age of twelve. He went through many months of therapy and training in order to relearn even the most basic skills, such as walking and talking. His passion to help others drove him to obtain an B.S. Exercise Science degree from Georgia Southern University. Now he enjoys sharing what he has learned through the years to help others obtain their personal health and wellness goals. 

Nate believes in a well rounded workout routine that will provide consistent results and help people in achieving their overall fitness and wellness goals. He enjoys living an active lifestyle and working towards personal fitness goals. With his time working as a character performer at Walt Disney World, he has experience working with people from around the world and uses his uplifting spirit to keep clients energized and excited.

 Maximiliano Aedo   NSCA Certified  First Aid/CPR/AED

Maximiliano Aedo 

NSCA Certified
First Aid/CPR/AED

Max was raised in Santiago, Chile in a community that didn’t value physical fitness as much as here in the United States. When he immigrated to the Northwest in high school, he immediately joined the swim team where he exceled in distance swimming. He is now completing an Associate’s degree in Personal Training at Highline College. In addition to working with many staff and faculty clients at the college, Max worked at 24 Hour Fitness in Bellevue and interned at Grit City Fitness and Performance in Tacoma.

Max’s passion as a fitness trainer is increasing his clients’ enjoyment of life by making them stronger and more mobile and energetic. He loves putting circuits together because this keeps the workout both challenging and interesting. In his programs, he includes mobility, stability and balance and he stresses form when exercising to prevent injury. Everything he does in his sessions translates to real world applications: tying a shoe, unloading the dishwasher, playing with kids, and becoming more active outside the gym.


“They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” -Michael Boyle


Quinn Grisham

B.A. English
First Aid/CPR/AED

Quinn has had a passion for fitness and training since childhood. Growing up he chased his dream of becoming a professional soccer player and continuously researched and implemented different training strategies to improve physical performance that would help him on the field. In middle school his mother opened a gym in snoqualmie Washington. Quinn spent a lot of time there and was fortunate enough to have the experience of working out with several different trainers who had a wide variety of training styles and philosophies.

Quinn attended the University of Washington on a soccer scholarship and continued his pursuit of playing professionally. Unfortunately, injury conspired  against him and he was forced to end his career early. During this time he spent the better part of two years in the rehab and physical therapy room. He picked up all kinds of tips for dealing with small and large injuries and the information he continued to gain went well with his passion for physical training.

After college and a few years away from soccer recovering and healing his body and mind, Quinn was able to resume his soccer career, albeit at the amateur and semi professional level. He has worked as a youth soccer coach and trainer for high level players in the area for the last five years. He continued to research different training modalities to improve his physical conditioning and eventually decided combine his passion for strength and conditioning with his career as a coach. He got certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is excited to bring his passion and knowledge to anyone who is looking to get stronger and more fit.

Quinn’s training style comes from his athletic training background. He believes that everyone should work on their mobility, balance, and core strength while also incorporating full body compound movements that are the staples of strength and conditioning. He takes training seriously because he feels that goal setting and striving for continuous improvement are cornerstones of physical and more importantly mental wellness. He is excited to be a part of the team at Transform 180 and looks forward to helping his clients achieve their goals.



Matt Rehder


Personal Trainer                                
B.S. Movement & Sports Science
CPR/AED/First aid


In 2015, Matt got his B.S. in Movement and Sports Science at the University of La Verne, in Southern California- during his tenure he also competed extensively in Track & Field.  Upon graduation, Matt moved back to Seattle to pursue a career in Massage Therapy.

Matt integrates the same philosophies he has with Massage Therapy into his sessions at Transform 180. His philosophy revolves around facilitating individual, specific muscular health to create more efficient movement in our everyday lives. Being a former college and professional athlete, he sees movement as an essential part of human life. Every session is an opportunity for him to get my clients more in touch with their bodies through education of movement.

He believes that when you leave our sessions, you should feel like you have learned something.  Matts personal goal with his clients is, not only to help them reach their goals, but also leave them feeling confident they can continue working out on their own at the end of our time together.


Courtney Shearer

NASM CPT/ FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist)
CPR/ AED Certified
DotFit Certified. 


Courtney is a certified personal trainer, National Physique Committee competitor, and a former NCAA soccer player. Sports, fitness, and exercise have always been part of Courtney’s life.  Through sports she discovered she is a natural leader who loves nothing more than making those around here better.  She pushes her clients to work harder than they think they can work, and takes joy in seeing people do things they never thought possible. 

She made her health a top priority and has achieved so much.  She now uses this knowledge to make the lives of others better.  To show them how much they can improve their life if they are willing to focus and work hard.  She will be with you every step of the way, helping you up when you fall, and taking joy in your success.  

Courtney’s devotion to every client does not cease when they achieve their goals.  Even after you achieve things you did not think possible, she will be there helping you maintain your progress, and setting even loftier goals.  She is not just a coach, or a trainer, she is a person that invests in people because she truly cares.  If you want somebody to be there on your journey, Courtney will be a wonderful guide.