Mike B.

I had a goal to put on 20lbs in 6 months but,  having never set foot in a gym before, let alone used weights, I was somewhat daunted. I've been working with Elliott for just over two months and through a combination of diet and weight training I've been able to put on 10lbs -  so, another 10lbs in 4 months now seems totally achievable. 

The best thing about Transform 180 is that the trainers know when to push you and when to be patient.  There have been times when I've been completely exhausted and Elliott will switch the routine to something less strenuous. Other times, things seem a lot easier and so he will push me with heavier weights/more reps.   He understands my fitness goals (weight gain) and has tailored the training program to this objective.  

Having never trained before, I was worried about injuring myself but there is a strong emphasis on form and technique to minimize the risk.  The atmosphere in the gym is very chill.  There is a total range of body types and levels of experience and it's not intimidating at all.   I wish I had started training a year ago as I have been totally surprised by the progress I have made in just two months.