Tianrong Z.

This is long overdue review but I have been working with Colin since October 2015, so about 1.5 years now. Prior to coming to Tranform180, I have very little athletic experience before, almost never went to the gym, and certainly had no experience in weight training. I stumbled upon here from a Groupon deal and stuck around since then. I train once per week and 1) it's the one hour I look forward to every week because it's really hard workout but still a lot of fun 2) I can see visible progress in my strength almost every single week - it's incredible and 3) I grew to love my body and love working out now :D

When I first started training, doing squats with just the bar (45lbs?) was a challenging feat. Now I can do squats with 1.2x my weight, deadlifts with 1.5x my weight and (almost) body weight pull ups!!!

Colin is a great trainer to work with. He constantly challenges me and pushes my limits, but I never feel pressured either. He is also fun to talk to and really just a great person :) The gym is also very chill, they are very nice with letting me reschedule sessions I've missed, and never once tried to sell me more sessions.

Pranjali, G.

I joined Transform180 to lose weight and improve my fitness. Its been ~2/3 months now and my experience with this gym has been fabulous. My trainer, Colin, always makes sure he is pushing me to test my limits and improve my stamina/endurance while being mindful of my injuries. I feel fitter and stronger now and I am always looking forward to the next session. Colin keeps changing my workout routines frequently so it doesn't becoming monotonous like a regular workout. The owner, Charith, is also very friendly and super accommodating. I highly recommend anyone who wants to focus on strength and fitness to try this place out, you won't be disappointed.